When it comes to weddings, the floral arrangements should be as unique as the ceremony. We at Jade Violet provide custom floral designs, working with whatever budget is in place. We can create artistic bouquets, as well as ceremony and reception arrangements.

Looking for a place to start with your bouquet? We have six different categories of arrangements to simplify the decision-making process. The categories are a jumping-off point, but our team is always up for a challenge should you go another route.

Soft Garden Romantic Bouquets

Soft Garden Romantic bouquets are rounded, full-bodied, voluminous flowers with a vintage feel. These bouquets are a great option for the bride who does not want greenery or rough details.

Natural Garden Romantic Bouquets

Natural Garden Romantic bouquets are similar to Soft Garden Romantic with more greenery, textures, and different types of flowers.

Loose Garden Romantic Bouquets

Loose Garden Romantic bouquets consist of loose construction and a natural, organic feel. It looks like someone picked a beautiful bunch from the garden.

Classic and Elegant Bouquets

Classic and Elegant bouquets are great when a bride is looking for a simpler, more uniform look such as all roses or all calla lilies. This bouquet presents a clean, timeless look for a classic bride.

Wildflower Bouquets

Wildflower bouquets are similar to Loose Garden Romantic with a more whimsical approach. These arrangements consist of simpler flowers, more weeds and dried lavender, things you might imagine would be growing in a beautiful wildflower garden.

Cascading Bouquets

Whether you have a detailed picture of the bouquet you would like for your special day or need to start from the ground up, Jade Violet is here to help. We will start by asking a series of questions to help narrow down the decision. Our team takes into account the budget, number of people in the wedding party, wedding colors, and color scheme before starting the design process. From there, we will put together a list of flowers and accents to show to you. We will send you pictures of bouquets we’ve designed similar to the one you want for your ceremony. Because we design to your taste, the sky is the limit with what our team can do. Feel free to bring in examples of other bouquets that inspire you.